Manicure / Pedicure Spa

We followed the same protocol as in conventional manicure complemented with these three elements: Scrub, Mask and Massage. The Scrub is applied which removes dead skin cells by bumping them off the surface and it also is used to break down calluses on the bottom of your feet. This process is exfoliation. Not all calluses can be completely removed in the first pedicure if feet are severely damaged. Only routine pedicures can mend this problem. One every week to two weeks is recommended. A cooling gel is then applied and it soothes the feet after all the scrubbing maintenance on your feet is performed. It feels like a cool breeze blowing on your feet. A treatment is applied next and your feet are wrapped in towels and needs to set for a few minutes. This helps soften your feet further. Then a moisturizing lotion is applied and a foot and leg massage is performed. After the massage the manicurist will place disposable flip flops on your feet clean the excess lotion from your toe nails with nail polish remover and paint them in the same manner that it is applied to finger nails.

Regular Manicure/Pedicure

Professional manicures and pedicures are relaxing. Just having your hands and feet cared for by another person is powerfully therapeutic. Manicures and pedicures are similar but not quite the same. In a manicure your fingernails are trimmed (if desired), filed, and ridges are buffed off the surface of the nail. The cuticles are softened, pushed back, and possibly removed. Dirt is cleaned out from under the free edge of your nails and brushed with a nail brush, as is the surface of your nails. A short hand massage is performed. Then fingernails are painted with a base coat, two coats of desired color, and a top coat. That's a basic manicure. Regular manicures have many benefits other than the beauty factor. They can help with circulation or muscle aches in the arms, wrists, hands, and fingers, and may help relieve pain due to tendonitis in the wrists. On the other hand, pedicures are slightly different. The toe nails are clipped if desired or needed first. Then your feet are soaked in a small bubbling, vibrating, heated tub of warm water. "Le Chateau Medispa & Beauty" has chairs that are attached to the big tubs that have back massagers in the upholstery. Toenails are filed and cuticles are pushed back and then comes a series of treatments that are all massaged into your feet. Routine pedicures can relieve back and leg pain, help with circulation in the legs and feet which is especially beneficial for diabetics, and actually may help you sleep better at night.

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